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-Scene & Heard is a print journal show-casing the art of human creativity.    It’s pages are where creatives explore the art of being, reading, writing-

...a little story...

For as long as mankind has been evolving, the expressions of feelings have been communicated from the heart and mind, by way of layers upon layers of creative mediums.  Words have been woven into poetry, stories of fact or fiction, drawings, paintings, adornment, photography, music, dance, architecture, decoration ad-infinitum.

The art of humanity in all its various forms, is the most authentic form of an individual’s internal dialogue, a way in which we share ourselves with the external world. 

It is this link to the external world that the Scene & Heard Journal (SNH) endeavours to deliver in each and every issue.

Our journal contains collections of literature and art from across the continents, speaking of, and, to audiences from all journeys of life.  Those with an innate lust and appreciation for the beauty and resonance of artistry.  

We hope you will join us, as readers, writers & artists.