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Thank You for visiting Scene & Heard.

We started out in 2016 as a literary and arts journal. Two years later having successfully launched- we are redefining & reinventing ourselves to become a name and brand promoting creative artistry in ALL its forms.

In other words we are working and a work in progress…

We are very proud of our Salutatory Issue and if you have found yourself here, I encourage you to purchase an issue or few to give to friends and family. With 132 pages showing off talented artists and writers, the Scene & Heard makes for a thoughtful gift for everyone.

Between December 1st 2018 & February 15th 2019, profits from all sales will be shared with the “Wildlife Warriors” program through the Land & Life Foundation.

For as long as mankind has been evolving, the expressions of feelings have been communicated from the heart and mind, by way of layers upon layers of creative mediums.  Words have been woven into poetry, stories of fact or fiction, drawings, paintings, adornment, photography, music, dance, architecture, decoration ad-infinitum.

The art of humanity in all its various forms, is the most authentic form of an individual’s internal dialogue, a way in which we share ourselves with the external world. 

It is this link to the external world that the Scene & Heard Journal (SNH) endeavours to deliver in its various forms be it a bespoke product, art, writing or philosophy. It is what we are calling “BEING the ART”

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